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Wining and Dining with a Princess: Wine Pairing Dinner with the German Wine Princess Sabine Wagner at Restaurant 2941 in Northern Virginia, USA

Picture: German Wine Princess Sabine Wagner and her Guests at Restaurant 2941, 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA

Wine Majesties have a long tradition in Germany. Basically all wine villages, wine regions and the country as a whole have wine queens and wine princesses. Of course, the crème de la crème are the national wine majesties, the German Wine Queen and the two German Wine Princesses.

One of the two reigning German Wine Princesses, Sabine Wagner, came to the US for an East Coast Tour (Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and Washington DC) with a series of 6 events between June 25 and June 30, 2014. The trip was organized by Annette Schiller (Ombiasy PR and WineTours) and supported by the German Wine Institute (Mainz, Germany) and the German Wine Society (Washington DC Chapter).

Picture: Arriving at Restaurant 2941

I have already provided an overview about the East Coast Tour of German Wine Princess Sabine Wagner. This posting focuses on one special event, the German Wine Pairing event at 2941 Restaurant, one of the top restaurants in Virginia, with wines from Dr. Loosen, Doennhoff, Schnaitmann, Becker and Kruger-Rumpf. We were a group of 30 German wine lovers.

US East Coast Tour of German Wine Princess Sabine Wagner

Annette Schiller: This past week was a fabulous week for German wine. Many of you participated in one or several of the events with Sabine Wagner, the reigning German wine princess. Sent by the German Wine Institute as ambassador for German wine she was here to promote German wine. Ombiasy PR, WineEvents & WineTours organized tastings, wine pairing dinners, classes, and a BYOW party at our house. I think we all learned a lot from Sabine’s presentations on German wine in general, on the new classification for German wine, and on the rigorous knowledge competition throughout several years to become the National Ambassador for German wine. Sabine showed us wines from entry level to ultra-premium level, and from bone dry to sweet. It was a showcase of what serious German winemakers are capable of producing.

Picture: Dinner and Lecture

Wining and Dining with a Princess: Wine Pairing Dinner with Chef Bertrand Chemel and the German Wine Princess Sabine Wagner

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Restaurant 2941, 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042

Restaurant 2941: 2941 is one of the most celebrated restaurants in the metropolitan area. The restaurant is nestled in the heart of Falls Church, VA, surrounded by lush landscaping, koi ponds, waterfalls, world-class artwork, and a lakeside view. Named by Washingtonian Magazine in 2014 as a 100 Very Best Restaurant.

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Dining with Côte de Beaune Winemaker Pascal Maillard, Domaine Maillard Père et Fils, at Restaurant 2941 in Virginia, USA

Annette Schiller, Ombiasy PR and WineTours announcement: Wine pairing dinner with German and Austrian wines at restaurant 2941 in Falls Church, VA. Chef Bertrand Chemel will surprise us with a fantastic menu matching the wines selected. Bertrand Chemel is an extraordinary chef and I am very sure that he would have earned a Michelin-star if there would be a Michelin guide for this area. The setting of this restaurant is also very beautiful, very serene and perfectly interwoven with its surrounding nature. I am very proud to team up with him to make this dinner happen.

The Event


yellowfin tuna tartare serve in a sesame cone
mini burger, tomato, lettuce, brioche buns
crispy shrimp, yuzu aioli

Dr. L, Sekt Riesling, Mosel, Germany (N.V.)

Slow Cook Salmon & Lobster Roll
avocado, tobiko wasabi, haricots vert

Donnhoff, Trocken, Riesling, Nahe, Germany (2012)

Saucisson A l’Ail En Brioche
Dijon mustard jus

Schnaitmann, Lemberger Trocken, Baden, Germany (2012)

braised rabbit leg, English peas, fennel, herbs

Becker Family, Pinot Noir, Pfalz, Germany (2010)

Pheasant Duo
Thai yellow curry, roasted artichoke, lemongrass

Kruger-Rumpf, Dautenpflanzer, Riesling, Grosses Gewaches, Nahe, Germany (2012)


honey, caramelized almond, berries

Thanks Chef Bertrand Chemel

Pictures: German Wine Princess Sabine Wagner, Annette Schiller, ombiasy PR and WineTours and Chef  Bertrand Chemel

Good Night

Picture: Leaving Restaurant 2941

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The 100 Most Influential Wine Peeps on Social Media (Mid-2014)

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and UK-based Wine Journalist Tim Atkin in Seattle, USA

The Wine Wankers, based in Australia, issued a new list with “100 Most Influential Wine Peeps on Social Media”. Initially, they had limited the list to the top 50 but eventually expanded it to 100.

Starting point for the exercise were the lists produced by VinePair and The Wine Hub. The Wine Wankers: After reviewing these two lists I decided to create a couple of lists of my own using the well accepted influence rankings of Klout and also the rankings of the second most widely accepted agency, that being Kred. My two lists not only include individuals, they also include wine entities and organisations involved in wine media. So, here are the 75 most influential wine entities on the net as at mid July 2014. .... Now the top 100  I’ve had many responses to this post and based on the feedback the list has become the top 100.  Unless there’s been a major omission there will not be any further change and the list will remain at 100… it’s a good number for the list and I think it is now very comprehensive.  I was pointed to two further sources, the Wikipedia list of wine personalities and the Vintank most important blogger list.  I researched the two links (and the associated comments) and discovered that although some people made the cut there were many that didn’t.  It just proves again that internet and social media influence is a new world of wine and many well known wine identities don’t have a strong enough presence to make the lists.  Maybe they don’t care, and so be it.

Germans on the Lists

Three Germans are on the list: Mario Scheuermann, Ralf Kaiser and Christian Schiller (Klout Ranking) or, Christian Schiller, Ralf Kaiser and Mario Scheuermann (Kred Ranking)

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Ralf Kaiser in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Germany

Klout and Kred Rankings

So, here are the 100 most influential wine entities on the net as at mid July 2014.



Rank Wine Entity Score

Rank Wine Entity Score1 Score2
1 Wine Spectator 87

1 Ken “alawine” Waggoner 951 10
2 Jancis Robinson 84

2 The Wine Wankers 922 9
3 Decanter Magazine 82

3 The Drinks Business Magazine 914 7
4 Tim Atkin 81

4 Jancis Robinson 905 7

Jamie Goode 81

5 Rick Bakas 904 9
6 The Wine Wankers 80

6 Wine Spectator 904 5

Reverse Wine Snob 80

7 Reverse Wine Snob 898 9

Alder Yarrow 80

8 Randall Grahm 895 8
9 Snooth 78

9 Decanter Magazine 895 6
10 The Wine Hub 77

10 Cliff Brown 893 9

Randall Grahm 77

11 Wine Enthusiast 890 7
12 Andre Ribeirinho 76

12 Wine Twits 889 8
13 Wine Folly 74

13 Tim Atkin 887 8

Wine Harlots 74

14 Eric Asimov 885 7
15 Paul Mabray 72

15 Jamie Goode 882 8

Marilena Barbera 72

16 Olly Smith 874 8

Fabien Lainé 72

17 Wine Harlots 870 8

Dusan Jelic 72

18 The Wine Hub 868 8

Magnus Reuterdahl 72

19 1 Wine Dude 860 9
20 Ken “alawine” Waggoner 71

20 Palate Xposure 850 9

Russ Beebe 71

21 Natalie MacLean 846 8

Ilkka Sirén 71

22 Robert Joseph 842 8
23 Sip on This Juice 70

23 Wine Folly 840 8

Ana Sofia Oliveira 70

24 Snooth 835 6

Emmanuel Delmas 70

25 Andre Ribeirinho 823 8

Vincent Pétré 70

26 Dusan Jelic 818 8

Robert Joseph 70

27 Bruised Grape 816 9

Robert McIntosh 70

28 Robert Parker Jnr 816 3

The Drinks Business Magazine 70

29 Sip on This Juice 815 9
30 Grape Friend 69

30 Will Lyons 815 8

Rick Bakas 69

31 Robert McIntosh 814 8
32 Julie Brosterman 67

32 Dr Vino 814 7

John Corcoran 67

33 James Suckling 804 7

Andrea Petrini 67

34 Paul Mabray 802 8

Peter Handzus 67

35 Twe Sommelier 799 8

Wine Sisterhood 67

Wine Library 799 8

Jameson Fink 67

37 Emmanuel Delmas 798 8

Meg Maker 67

38 Magnus Reuterdahl 796 9

Jasmine Hirsch 67

39 Alder Yarrow 794 6
40 Clayton Bahr 66

40 Lenn Thompson 793 9

Wine Twits 66

41 Marilena Barbera 793 8

Simon Woolf 66

42 Meg Maker 792 8

Elisabetta Tosi 66

43 Russ Beebe 788 8

Eric Asimov 66

Evan Dawson 788 8
45 Wine Enthusiast 65

45 Oz Clarke 788 6

1 Wine Dude 65

46 Wine Sisterhood 787 8

Ryan Opaz 65

Enobytes Wine 787 8

Wine Consumer Magazine 65

48 Michelle Williams 786 9

Mario Scheuermann 65

49 Jameson Fink 786 8

Giampiero Nadali 65

50 Erik Johnson 785 8
51 Wine Walkabout 64

51 David White 785 7

Lynton Manuel 64

52 Marcy Gordon 784 8

Twe Sommelier 64

Leslie Hartley-Sbrocco 784 8

Gwendolyn Alley 64

54 Alice Feiring 784 7

Ralph Kaiser 64

55 John Corcoran 784 5

Wisequeen Donna Jackson 64

56 The Academic Wino 783 8

David White 64

57 Vincent Pétré 782 8

Debra Meiburg 64

Wine Compass 782 8

Erik Johnson 64

59 Debra Meiburg 782 7
60 Robert Parker Jnr 63

60 The Drunken Cyclist 779 8

The Drunken Cyclist 63

61 Tom Wark 777 6

Travelling Corkscrew 63

62 Travelling Corkscrew 773 8

The Academic Wino 63

63 Talia Baiocchi 773 7

Adam Japko 63

64 Jason Solanki 772 8

Natalie MacLean 63

65 Mark Oldman 772 7

Christian Schiller 63

66 Andrea Gori 771 8

Will Lyons 63

67 Grape Friend 771 7

Olly Smith 63

68 Ryan Opaz 770 7

Tom Wark 63

69 Wine Searcher 769 6
70 Wine Searcher 62

60 Adam Japko 768 7

Dr Vino 62

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW 768 7

Andrea Gori 62

72 Hudson Valley Wine Goddess 767 8

Cliff Brown 62

Ilkka Sirén 767 8

Lenn Thompson 62

Clayton Bahr 767 8

Mark Oldman 62

Peter Handzus 767 8

Talia Baiocchi 62

Magnus Ericsson 767 8

Peter Liem 62

50 States of Wine 766 8
78 Michelle Williams 61

78 Christian Schiller 763 8

Frankie Cook 61

79 Fabien Lainé 763 7

Wine Compass 61

Vinogger 763 7

Hudson Valley Wine Goddess 61

81 Jasmine Hirsch 762 7

50 States of Wine 61

82 Wine Walkabout 758 8

Magnus Ericsson 61

83 Elisabetta Tosi 756 7
84 Oz Clarke 60

84 Richard Jennings 754 6

Bruised Grape 60

85 Tristan Fairbanks 752 8

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW 60

86 Peter Liem 752 3

Palate Xposure 60

87 Julie Brosterman 747 7

Alice Feiring 60

88 Gwendolyn Alley 743 7

Brett Jones 60

Frankie Cook 743 7

James Suckling 60

90 Simon Woolf 742 7

Enobytes Wine 60

Jeb Dunnuck 742 7

Evan Dawson 60

92 Wisequeen Donna Jackson 739 8

Leslie Hartley-Sbrocco 60

93 Brett Jones 735 6

Richard Jennings 60

94 Ralph Kaiser 733 7
95 Vinogger 59

95 Mario Scheuermann 730 7

Wine Library 59

96 Andrea Petrini 727 6

Jeb Dunnuck 59

97 Giampiero Nadali 722 6

Tristan Fairbanks 59

98 Wine Consumer Magazine 642 5
99 Jason Solanki 58

99 Ana Sofia Oliveira 632 5
100 Marcy Gordon 56

100 Lynton Manuel 609 4

Klout and Kred

About Klout - Klout uses various networks to measure influence including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Instagram, Bing, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress,, Yammer and Flickr to derive a score out of 100. Apparently a score of 63 puts you in the top 1-5% of all entities rated.

Picture: Christian G.E. Schiller and Dr. Vino in Rioja, Spain

About Kred - Kred only measures social media influence derived from Twitter and Facebook. It has 2 scores, one out of 1000 measuring social media influence and one out of 12 measuring outreach, ie how “social” an entity really is. Apparently a score over 750 puts you in the top 1% and a score over 800 puts you in the top 0.1% of all entities on social media.

Here is the link to the posting of the Wine Wankers.

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Weingut Robert Weil, Kiedrich, Rheingau, Germany: Super Sommerfest/Summer Party 2014

Picture: Wilhelm Weil, Ralf Frenzel and Klaus Westrick - Sommerfest/Summer Party 2014 at Weingut Robert Weil, Kiedrich, Germany

This year, Wilhelm Weil, Weingut Robert Weil in Kiedrich, Rheingau, Germany, teamed up with Ralf Frenzel, Tre Torri Verlag and Fine Das Weinmagazin, and Klaus Westrick, XLS Solutions, for his traditional Sommerfest at Weingut Robert Weil. It was an outstanding event. My wife Annette Schiller and I stayed until 4:00 am in the morning with Wilhelm Weil and others.

The pictures in this posting were provided by Weingut Robert Weil, Dirk Würtz, Desiree Schröder, Barbara Fienhold and myself.

Picture: Invitation

30 top winemakers from Germany and other European countries were among the 500 guests.

I spotted from Germany: Armin and Caroline Diel (and their spouses), Schlossgut Diel, Nik Weis, Weingut St. Urbanshof, Sebastian Fürst, Weingut Rudolf Fürst, Oliver Haag, Weingut Fritz Haag, the wife of Ernst Loosen, Weingut Dr. Loosen (Ernie was sick), Manfred and Katharina Prüm, Weingut J.J. Prüm, Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm, Weingut Prinz Salm, Dirk Würtz, Weingut Balthasar Ress, Christian Witte, Domäne Schloss Johannisberg and Weingut G.H. von Mumm, Ludwig Jung, Weingut Jakob Jung, Urban Kaufmann, Hans Lang and Eva Raps, Weingut Hans Lang, Dieter Greiner, Hessische Staatsweingüter Kloster Eberbach, Hans Oliver Spanier and Caroline Spanier-Gillot, Weingut Battenfeld-Spanier and Weingut Kühling-Gillot, Fritz Gröbe and his wife, Weingut K.F. Gröbe, Klaus Peter Keller and his wife, Weingut Keller, Bernhard Prinz von Baden, Weingut Markgraf von Baden.

Pictures: Welcome with Weil Sekt

All the winemakers/owners from abroad came a day early to participate in a very special tasting orchestrated by Ralf Frenzel and the European Fine Wine Magazin (see the forthcoming article in the European Fine Wine Magazin).

Pictures: The Tasting with the Winemakers/Owners from abroad before the Sommerfest

The winemakers/owners from abroad included: Emelie Borie, Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste, Tommaso Cavalli, Tenuta Degli Dei, Didier Cuvelier, Chateau Leoville Poyferre, Veronique Dausse, Chateau Phelan Segur, Alejandro Fernandez, Pesquera, Martin Foradori, Weingut J. Hofstätter, Gaia Gaja, Angelo Gaja, Stephan Graf von Neipperg, Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere, Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga, Tenuta San Leonardo, Axel Heinz, Orellaia, Franz Hirtzberger, Manuel Lozada, Numanthia, Michael Moosbrugger, Schloss Gobelsburg, Johanna Elisabth Pichler, Weingut F.X. Pichler, Walter Polz, Olympia Romba, Monteverro, Veronique Sanders, Chateau Haut-Bailly, Alexander van Beek, Chateau Giscours and Chateau du Terre.

Pictures: Armin Diel and wife (Schlossgut Diel), Didier Cuvelier (Leoville Poyferre), Annette Schiller (ombiasy PR and WineTours), Helmut Doennhoff and daughter (Weingut Doennhoff), Desiree Schroeder (Weingut Dr. Loosen), Alejandro Fernandez (Pesquera), Christian G.E. Schiller, Stephan Graf von Neipperg (Chateau Canon La Gaffeliere) and Guiseppe Lauria (Gault and Millau) with partner

Wilhelm Weil: Man kann nicht nur arbeiten ... feiern gehört auch dazu! Deshalb wird auf Weingut Robert Weil sowohl hart gearbeitet als auch hart gefeiert! Danke an alle Freunde, die bei unserem Sommerfest dabei waren! - Work hard, play hard. That's the philosophy at Weingut Robert Weil where we believe that celebration requires every bit the same passion and dedication as hard work. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who helped make our summer festival such a huge success!

Picture: By Barbara Fienhold (BISS - Kulinarische Zeitung)

Annette Schiller, ombiasy PR and WineTours: Ja, this was fantastic: 27 wines: the best of the best from Germany, Bordeaux, Italy, US. This great picture above reflects the beauty of the place. This is one of my favorite spots in the Rheingau: sitting on the terrace of Weingut Weil, having a Turmberg, Riesling, Premier Cru, in the glass and looking out to the Turmberg. Life can't get any better!!!

Weingut Robert Weil

Founded in 1875, Weingut Robert Weil in Kiedrich is the Rheingau’s #1 estate and one of Germany’s best. Four generations and over a century ago Dr. Robert Weil, who was a Professor of German at the Sorbonne, was forced to leave Paris because of the Franco-Prussian War (1870/1871). He subsequently joined his brother August in Kiedrich in the Rheingau and established the Robert Weil winery.

Pictures: The Food and the Wines

Dr. Robert Weil purchased his first vineyards in Kiedrich and moved there in 1875, when he bought the estate manor from the heirs of Sir John Sutton, an English baronet. A man of vision, he built up the estate by purchasing 2 local wine estates and the vineyards of Count von Fürstenberg. Contacts throughout the world and the production of great wines brought rapid growth to the Weingut Robert Weil.

Pictures: Selfies with Nik Weis (Weingut St. Urbanshof), Guiseppe Lauria and Dirk Würtz (Weingut Balthasar Ress)

Today, Weingut Robert Weil is managed by Wilhelm Weil, who owns the winery jointly with Suntory from Japan. With 75 hectares under vine, it is one of the largest estates in the Rheingau. The historical manor house, the ultra-modern cellars and the vinothek stand side by side in a beautiful park – the same synthesis of old and new that is reflected in the estate’s philosophy of winemaking.

In 1988, the estate was sold by Robert Weil to the Japanese beverage group Suntory, and his son Wilhelm appointed as estate director.

Pictures: It is getting dark and Weingut Robert Weil

The vineyards are planted 100% with Riesling. The estate’s dedication to Riesling since 1875 has led numerous observers of the international wine world to regard Weingut Robert Weil as a worldwide symbol of German Riesling culture. A Riesling wine of the 1893 vintage, grown on the Gräfenberg site, made the estate famous. The imperial Habsburg court in Vienna purchased 800 bottles of this wine at a price of 16 gold Marks per bottle in 1900. The 1920 vintage of the Kiedricher Gräfenberg Trockenbeerenauslese is described as a Zeppelin wine, as it was served on board the LZ 127 „Graf Zeppelin” dirigible on its circumnavigation of the world in 1929. Robert Weil’s top botrytis wines are sold today at extremely high prices - they are among the most expensive in the world. The current world record (in 2006) is held by a 1999 Weil Trockenbeerenauslese, at DM 5.000 (EUR 2500).

Pictures: Dancing

Weingut Robert Weil’s top vineyards all belong to the group of the highlying sites of the Rheingau: Kiedricher Klosterberg, Kiedricher Turmberg and Kiedricher Gräfenberg. Inclination (up to 60 %), exposure (southwest) and the ability of the barren stony soils to absorb heat are the factors that make for three perfect Riesling sites. These conditions, as well as ideal circulation, enable the grapes to remain on the vine for a long time, ripening well into November.

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